Our mission

The mission of SustainEcho is to enable organisations to build strategies to reduce and monitor their greenhouse gas emissions. Action around climate change relies on the collection and assessment of reliable data. Traditional methods of assessment and strategic delivery are cumbersome and expensive. SustainEcho’s aim is to offer all businesses the opportunity to join the fight against global warming. Our mission is the deliver the tools that lead to collective and sustainable action.

Our values


SustainEcho's DNA is based on the conviction that in simplifying the assessment and monitoring of carbon emissions we can enable a collective contribution to achieving the climate change objectives of this decade.


SustainEcho is firmly committed to the delivery of excellence in supporting its customers and wider stakeholders.


SustainEcho stems from its founders commitment to positively addressing climate change. SustainEcho’s automation of carbon footprint assessments gives all businesses the opportunity to target a 75% reduction in their carbon emissions by 2030

The Team

Nicolas Martin

Graduated in finance from Sciences Po Grenoble, he worked as an investment officer in the French Development Agency. He is in charge of exploiting our clients' data and leads financial topics.

Anatole Parre

Graduated from ENPC and ENS Paris-Saclay, he worked in the research team of the Criteo Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and at Yoobic in Deep Learning. He is in charge of the technique.

Antoine Oustry

As an X-ENPC engineer, he specialized in optimization and environmental economics. His experiences at the Banque de France and within the Electricity Transmission Network make him a fundamental support.

Paul Lieberherr

Graduated from EMLyon Business School, Paul has carried out consulting assignments with major French banks. He is in charge of the commercial, marketing and partnership subjects of SustainEcho.

SustainEcho’s founders are committed to preserving the Earth’s climate. Our starting point was a realization that existing solutions were insufficient to enable individual businesses to take measured action to fight climate change. We are convinced that the development of high-performance tools to control greenhouse gas emissions is an urgent global priority. In making solutions available to businesses, SustainEcho hopes to attain its goal of contributing to global sustainability.

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